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Hi thanks for your reply I have since found out it is a painting or print (not sure which) depicting the execution of Edith Cavell.  It has been in my families possession since 1940's possibly earlier.  I don't know if this throws any more light on the matter, I would be grateful for your opinion.
Manny Thanks
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I have an old oil painting on canvas (12"x18" approx) of a dead red cross nurse with an angel above her, a german ww1 soldier (I think) standing beside her and more soldiers in the background. The signature looks like ARovelL or APovelL.  I wondered if you could tell me anything about this painting or where I could find any info about it.
Many Thanks.
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Dear Rhys, I find no names in the dictionaries of European artists similar to those you indicated. I was searching the internet a couple of weeks ago for WWI and WWII posters. You will find thousands of examples. I suggest you look here and determine which war your painting depicts, and to what country it is sympathetic. This will at least give you the nationality of the artist and time period.

Dear Rhys, Since Edith Cavell was a heroine and propaganda tool there were numerous etchings, engravings, posters, and paintings by British artists of this subject. I am not sure on what you want my opinion ? I have searched for the names you have given me and find no listing. Any depictions of this subject would be considered political or militaria collectables, unless of course executed by a major artist.

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