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With further checking, it is the American Autumn, Starrucca Valley; signed by J. F.Cropsey 1865. It is 40 x 24, color has faded with some still around the edges, smooth surface and it is attached to a backing material about 1/4 inch thick. My grandfather purchased it from a dealer, who also sold paintings and prints to other including the Dow family, about 40-50 years ago. I am in Midland, Michigan and there are many places he could have purchased it from, he just doesn't remember. It looks like a lithograph, but I am not sure.

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I bought my grandfathers house many years ago, when doing repairs, I found a large (about 3x4) painting or print. My grandfather was told that it was an original painting, but it looks like a print to me. It is the scene of two men and a dog, on a ledge, looking at a train going along a bridge in the distance. It is signed J.F. Cropsey 1865 in the lower right.
If its a Jasper Francis Cropsey [American Hudson River School Painter, 1823-1900] then it's a very nice work of art. The question is whether its an original or a print.  What makes you think that its a print?  Is is on paper?  On canvas?  are there any brushstrokes?  Where did he acquire it?  Please let me know and maybe I can help.

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Since you mention "smooth surface",  I would guess that its a print on panel.  Some posters were adhered to panels before framing them.  These works were sold at furnuture stores all over America.  However, how is it signed?  Is it part of the print? or hand signed?  If the signature is as flat as the image, then it is not hand signed, confirming that it is not an original. I hope that this helps.

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