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Mr. Hynes,
         I wrote you several months ago regarding my John Marin painting.  Unfortunately I'm still trying to establish provenance.  It has proven to be an extremely frustrating task.  I've been through Reich's Catalogue Raisonne with no luck, however if my painting is indeed a study it would only be an element within one of the works and the images in the book are monochrome and quite small so it's entirely possible I could have missed it.  I've also been working with a curator at RISD and she feels that the signature looks authentic but suggested that at this point I need to network with a Marin expert.  Do you know who currently handles the Marin estate?  It was the Richard York Gallery but they've closed down recently with any forwarding info.  Any other suggestions for establishing provenance would be welcome.  Thanks

Hi Brendan, It is a lot of work, but it seems like your going about it the right way. If you contact the American Painting department at Sotheby's and/or Christie's they may give you the contact for the current Marin expert. Kennedy Galleries has sold many Marins, however they seem reluctant to help anyone. Hollis Taggart galleries (NY) may help, you can tell them I suggested you call.
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