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I have received an original oil on canvas painting from my parents.  They purchased it in Germany in 1953-1954.  The painting is of a small chapel located in a valley with mountians located in the near background.  In the lower right hand corner is the artist's mark, which appears to be "Moser".  Also, located on the back of the frame, there is a "K or R" then "Moser".  The only thing I could find is an Austrian artist and designer named Koloman Moser.  Nothing of his works that I have seen looks like this painting, but, I did read that in his later career, he concentrated on painting and was influenced by F. Hodler. Since the works I have seen by Hodler includes landscapes etc... it would seem possible this is a Moser.  How can I find out if this is a Moser original and how could I find the value?  Thank you.

Dear John, From the description of your painting I would agree with you that it is probably not Koloman Moser. I found listings from three other "K. Moser", and three "R. Moser". From the description of their subjects I would say the best possibilty would be Karl Moser (Austrian 1819 1882). If you have access to an Art Museum library, they should have Sotheby's and Christie's catalogues of European paintings. You can go through them and compare works by Moser, and they will have prices also.

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