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I have this a gorgeous painting. The frame is 54" x 56". The frame itself I feel would be worth at least $500. Just my thought. It is gold with a little white wash. I do not know the artist because when I spoke to my husband he said we could actually ruin the painting by taking it apart as it has paper backing and also has matting in front of the painting.  The painting is just beautiful. I purchased it at a estate sell for only $150. We had a perfect place to hang it but it never got hung and now we really could use the money. The painting has a beautiful flow of leaves and large gold vases. It also has small white roses as well. This painting would go almost anywhere.  I would love to know who it is by and if it is worth any real money before I sell it. I have pictures that would really help if I could send them. It almost looks like a Greek garden seen or part of one. The  painting to does look like a real oil paint. And I was told by the original seller that is was. They had the painting for quite some time and were redoing their decor. They originally had it priced at 500 or best offer but by the time I got their they had it marked down as it was the end of the sale. I really think just the item itself rather original or not it is totally worth some money just work done in putting the painting together. If you have any ideas or would like some pics please let me know.

Crystal--I don't know how you would know the "feel" of the value of the frame.  An 54 X 56 in wood painted in gold color could be worth $200, whereas one painted with 18K could be worth $3000.  If it an oil painting, it would be incorrect framing to put paper backing on it, and very unlikely to matting on it.  Either the original owner is lying or VERY unknowledgable.  Although it might be beautiful, pictures would not be useful in determining anything about the framing or art medium.  You need to take it a framer and to a gallery to determine what you have.  Try EBay, which gets the 'hits' on their site.  I am what you might call a cynic:  I would offer it for $249.

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