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QUESTION: I have an original oil painting by Lyonel Laurenceau. It measures @23"x38" in a wood frame, very good condition. I have a confirmation from the artist that it was painted after a trip to Italy around 32 years ago. He titled it, "Along the Quay." Do you have an idea of approximate value or where I could find the value?


It is impossible for me to tell you how much your painting is worth without having seen it.

However I can tell you that his painting usually sell from $4000-$6000 (approx the same size as yours)

If you want to know more about your specific art piece I advise you to pay a visit to your local auction house.

Best Regards, Soren

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

With thanks for the very rapid response with honesty.
Where would I send / post pictures and descriptions of this painting for appraisal / sale. I live in a small town and lack experience in this field.

Hi Curt

There are two options.

1) You can visit google and write "online art appraisal" then choose one of the sites. They need about $100 for their services and are very quick. The problem with these services is that they are not all very reliable.

2) Go to and - If you want to sell your work they will put a value on it for free. sometimes they are able to tell the value just from looking at the pictures and other times they want you to mail them the art piece.

These are my suggestions.

Best Regards, Soren

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