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I'm so thrilled you're back giving us debutants detailed answers. My question is two-fold. Authenticity and documentation of a Marc Chagall color lithograph. I posess "Bouquet over the town" (1983) on Archers woven paper, #1009, Moulot, sheet margins with a deckled (raw) right side edge.  On the right side of sheet margin is penciled Marc Chagall's signature yet on the left side, penciled in is H.C and just below there is a circular embossed stamp with the letters AP. What's even more exciting is that along the sheet margins displays watermarks, very faint but visable, the word COPY (inverse)
above the embossed stamp and the word ARCHES with insignia along the right side of the margin. Dolly tell me anything you might know about this proceses Marc Chagall used when he printed and published his works....This is all a mystery to me.... My other question is that I'ld like to contact Moulot Print Shop in Paris, as it's to my understanding that most reputable print shops have a documentation sheet for each of their prints, giving a complete description of the print and the steps involved in its making. I read that these documentation sheets are available to anyone who asks.... And it is what I'm trying to obtain, yet I have no idea how to aquire it...Thank you for your generous response...and most valuable time, Dolly!!
P.S.--I went purposely to St. John de Vence to pay tribute to Marc Chagall's grave site---Sylvia Allen...

Dear Sylvia,

Thank you and I hope to help you again with your question on your Chagall. From your description, it appears you have an original. Fernand Mourlot is arguably the most prominent lithographer of the modern master artists such as Matisse, Chagall, Picasso, Miro, Braque, Dubuffet, Leger; etc.

With Mourlot’s work on advanced printing techniques and inks, and his revolutionary decision to invite the artists to the studio to do the work directly on the stone; the stone lithograph process had a resurgence of popularity among the leading artists. In addition to Chagall, Picasso’s most important lithograph editions were done by the artist in a studio at Mourlot.

According to the Chagall Lithographs catalog; Bouquet sur la Ville (#1009) was released in an edition of 50 with proofs. You apparently have an H.C. (hors commerce-before release to the public) that was added to the A.P. (Artist Proof) edition. The sheet size should be 25.5 x 18.5 inches.

Information on the process of creating a lithograph by drawing directly on the stone, as is the process of your print, can be found on various websites. I have listed a few links below for your convenience.

I have also listed below the website page for requesting the information on your print from Mourlot. Be brief in your request and be sure to use the French title as well as the Mourlot Catalog; Bouquet sur la Ville; Mourlot #1009.

I hope this information is helpful and best of luck in your continued research. How wonderful for you to visit Saint-Paul de Vence. The village is beautiful and there are so many artists studios to visit. It must have been a fabulous trip.

Kind regards,

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