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I saw your recent response to another question about Max Weyl,
& his work. I am contacting you to ask if you know of any known
associates, artists, etc. that he may have had contact with. I have
a landscape painting of his, which contains an old bridge over a
shallow river. I have no idea the name of the painting, where it
was painted, or the year. The signature however, reads "To My
Friend, Mr. Fischer" Then his signature underneath, in the right
bottom corner. I was wondering if anyone might ever be able to
know who Mr. Fischer was? Also does this add to the value since
it was painted for a friend? Thanks for any response you may

Gary Brufach

Dear Gary, Max Weyl was active in the Washington, D.C. area 1865 to 1914. He painted views almost exclusively of the Washington-Northern Virginia area. Your painting likely depicts one of the many branches of the Potomac river.
A dedication on a painting seldom has much effect on its value, unless it has real historical significance.
As Weyl was a Washington artist I checked through a biographical directory of Washington, D.C. artists and found no reference to a "Fischer". I don't believe an extensive search for Fischer will be very fruitful, however the book (raises my ire as it has no index) "The Capital Image" by Cosentino & Glassie has considerable information on Max Weyl. For a dedicated search you can check (online) with the Archives of American Art, Smithsonian. They have millions of documents from artists and art galleries on microfilm which can be acquired through inter-library loan.
Also you can click on "Inventory of American Paintings", enter Weyl, and you may find your painting (or a Fischer listed as owner) among the list of his works.

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