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Now I see how to contact you.  I bought the Haworth's at a Salvation Army Thrift Shop in Nebraska!  They appear to be authentic in signature, date, title.  I would be very surprized if they are copies.  I bought the Dali's years about (perhaps 15) in a couple of antique shops in Virginia.  I had a conservator give them expert attention & they are nicely framed. Any "ballpark" idea of the value of the Haworths, assuming they are not copies?  Thanks.  Roger
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I've just acquired two serigraphs by Miriam Haworth, 1965, one
featuring clubs and the other diamonds.  I assume there are hearts and
spades out there as well--completing the playing card set.  They are in
excellent condition & very appealing.  I also have three etchings from
Dali's SPANISH IMMORTALS series.  Can you give me information re:
value and where I can find the missing pieces to the sets?  Thank you.
Dear Roger,
Congrats on your recent acquisitions!  Miriam Haworth is a noted artist in the Smithsonian American Art Museum. I was wondering if your serigraphs are hand-signed or reproductions?  If theye are hand signed, then there might be other works in a set as you mention that you are interested in, if it if a later serigraph produced by a museum for promotional purpuses, then it might be a one time printing.  Also, the Dali works would need to be taked to an appraiser to confirm authenticity and condition.  Master Artist like Dali usually are authenticated by the Dali Archives in Florida.  You can send them a picture of the works and they can usually authenticate for you via mail.  That is the first step before you can determine a replacement value.  Where did you acquire these works? I always recommend that you contact the dealer that you purchased the works.  Sometimes they will offer you a letter of value at nocharge to past clients.  email me if you can procide aditonal information to me that might clarify exactly what you own.


Dear Roger,

What are the tites for the Haworths?
Do you have this info below?
1. Dali prints published by the Collectors Guild

The Five Spanish Immortals

In the early 1960s Dali was commissioned by the Swiss publisher Jean Schneider (Basel) to produce a print edition based on historically interesting Spanish figures, both real and fictious; five figures chosen were: Cervantes , Don Quixote, El Cid, El Greco and Velasquez.

In 1965, Schneider published the edition, titled Five Spanish Immortals. The prints, original etchings, were printed in a total editio of 180 examples on two diffrent papers, Rives (in sepia ink) and Japon (in black ink).

Each of these prints was hand signed by Dali in pencil, within the paper margin (lower right), and each of the 125 examples on Rives were numbered /125. This edition was marketed by the New York based company called The Collectors Guild.

The remainder of the edition, thirty (30) prints on Japon paper, numbered /XXX and twenty-five (25) on Japon (in bistre ink) were marketed by the publisher.
In 1968, the Collectors Guild, through a contract, published another edition of the Immortals, an unlimited and unsigned edition. To distinguish between the two editions, Dali scratched his name within the image on each of the five plates.

If your print has Dali's signature etched within the plate (see photos below), then your print comes from the unlimited edtion.

The printing of the unlimited edition) went on for many years, and no one knows exactly how many prints were made of each image; in all probability, many thousands. At this time, these prints command very little value.

A note on Dali's pencil signature.:

Any Dali signature, other than the etched plate signature, on any of the prints from the unlimited edition, is considered a forgery. In a few rare cases Dali did sign examplese of these prints, but always with dedicatory remarks. Frank Hunter, May 2002  

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