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Fine Art/Need information on oil painting of dogs--


36" x 24" oil on board--#9749 hand written on back, label has dogs/lands $1480.00 another small tag with number 553-0-14-HK.  The picture has a black and tan dog lying down with and a red and white dog resting its head across the back of the black and tan dog.  There is a 3rd dog sitting behind them that is chocolate with a white muzzle.  There is a fence, trees and the sky in the bacground
We would love to send a photo of the painting for you to view, but did not see a way to attach the file.
 This was donated to our animal shelter to sell for a fund raiser.  We know nothing about art and need your help.
Thank you very much
Darleen Wheelington

Dear Darleen, If you follow the instructions below I will try to help you.
If you would like to send jpeg images to me please keep each image under 800 pixels, and send them as “attachments”, do not imbed them in your email. If you are looking for identification or opinion regarding your painting best would be an image of the front (just the painting, don't include your lovely living room or pick-up truck), the back, and close-ups of the signature, details of the brush-work, and any inscriptions or labels (use the macro setting on your camera for these close-ups). You can send this information to my email at and make your subject line “allexperts” so I do not bounce you as spam. It would be nice to receive feedback as I do this on my own time with no remuneration, free, no charge, nada.

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