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I have a painting with a tied-up boat as the focal point.  There is a single mast on this boat, and not sails -- just a few clothes apparently drying.  This appears to be in a canal (Venice) as the waterway is very narrow, and the buildings seem to abut right up to the water.  To the right of the boat is a bridge over the waterway with several people walking across it, and just past he bridge there is another boat with two occupants and one looks to be pushing the boat along with a long pole.  Down in the right hand corner of the painting, the artist has signed her name: "Angela Roay or Boay or Rooy or something else like that.  The first name is definitely "Angela".  I would really appreciate any help you can give me identifying the artist and the picture, as I don't know too much about art.  I would gladly send you photos of the painting if you think they will help in your assessment.  Thank you,  Ken

Hello Ken,

Please email good quality images of the signature area and the front and back of the work to .  What size is the work?  What is it's provenance?  It is a painting on canvas?

Cheers, Brent

Follow-up:  Ken,  Thank you for the images.  The writing in German on the back describes the company that made the panel.  The work itself is very weak. I have no idea who the artist is and I doubt if it has much, if any, value.

Cheers, Brent

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