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-------------------------I was very disappointed that no one looked into the original question from Lorna.
Followup To
Question -
On 12/31/04 a woman named Lorna asked about
replacing a painting of a blue faced oriental
lady by Tretchiko. I have such a painting, and
would like to know how to contact "Lorna"? Can
you help? Thanks,  Emma
Answer -  

Dear Emma, Once I have responded to a question, I have no way to recontact the party unless I have their email address, which I do not have unless they send an an addition msg. to my personal email. The paintings of the Blue Lady by Tretchiko are commercial tripe, they have only decorative value. I spend a great deal of time and research answering hundreds and hundreds questions only to help people. I do not receive a farthing for this work. I have already answered a dozen questions regarding Blue Lady paintings by Tretchiko. Don't you get it, They're junk !
Sorry to be so blunt, but sometimes it is necessary.

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