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We have recently inherited some art that has been in storage.  The art, we believe, was purchased over seas in the early 40s by our Grandfather who was a Colonel in the Army.

The first is 2 original watercolor paintings.  The scene includes 3 oriental people with umbrellas walking towards an Asain "house" in the rain with a tree in the fore ground that is in bloom with white flowers.  There is also a lamp post with oriental writing.  The watercolor has a signature but it is hard to make out - It looks like K.Tero?chaz    or K. Jeso?chay  something along those lines.  My web search has turned up nothing with those names.

The second is an original oil painting by F.M. Richter-Reich.  It is a scene by a dutch canal with boats carrying flowers and a flower market.  We have found limited information on line as most of the information is in another language.  

Where would you recommend we get these appraised and or sold for the estate?  


Let me know if you would like me to email some pictures.  Thanks

Dear Tami, The artist F.M. Richter-Reich does not appear to be an artist of great significance. He is not listed in any dictionaries of artists (even the German dictionaries). I did find him in some auction results. He was born in 1896, and was a painter of cities, markets, and flowers. One painting of a fish market, 21 x 31 inches, sold for $650. Another painting, 24 x 36 inches sold for $2,750.
The name of the artist of your Oriental scenes is too vague for me to conduct a search.
The best place for you to get an evaluation is an auction house in your area that sells antiques and artwork.

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