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Hi there- I have acquired a print (quite large and old) of George Washington seated in an outdoor setting at a table with small children around, with adults bringing the children to him and him "receiving them". I have researched this item (which I bought at auction this AM)for hours and cannot find another one like it anywhere. The signature is hard to read it looks like Herrick or Harrier. It also shows slaves with horses in the background. I am assuming the scene is from "Mount Vernon" and maybe these are his children and grandchildren? I have never seen anything like it. Any ideas would be helpful.

I'm actually testing out the system here as 'allExperts' is new to me.  The answer to your question requires that you email me images.  Are you sure the signature says Harrier or Herrick?  I know of a James Herring who has done various paintings of George Washington -- he was alive in the early 1800s so the print would probably not be a lithograph per se.  If you hold a magnifying glass to the piece, can you see dots similar to that of a comic book page?  Contact us at and we'll help you futher.

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