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QUESTION:   I received this painting from my Grandmother.  She purchased from a neighbor before they moved away.  It was hanging on her wall since I was very little
(at least 31 years ago).  Grandma has since passed and I have been trying to identify the signature, but I can't read it.  Anything you could tell me is good.  Written in pencil on the back of the canvas is 16-F-9-27.  The wood supports have words stamped ??? In Mexico.  See attached file for the picture and signature closeup.

ANSWER: Dear Scott, This is a commercial "factory" painting, name is likely made-up. You can find many just like this at Goodwill or Salvation Army.

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QUESTION:   Thanks for the info.  My wife hates it and wants me to get rid of it, but I've been "PBS"ed and would hate to see it on a show where someone picked it up at a garage sale for 10 cents and it's a rare example of crappy art worth millions.
 Do you have any idea on the year and is there information on the commercial producers of the time?

I guess youn did not receive my second reply.
There are over 700 "art factories" in Hong Kong alone, not to mention the rest of Asia, Eastern Europe, and Mexico. I don't know exactly when they began, but I bought one of their masterpieces for my living room in 1963.

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