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I have been trying to locate an image of a Painting that my wife and I saw in the Uffizi Museum in Florence, Italy in June of this year.
It was located in Room 21 or 22, and was entitled "Cristo Coronato Di Spine" by Luca di Leida. (At least that it what we wrote down)
As we have researched to find it, we have come to find out this artists name is Lucas van Leyden (from Holland).
I have searched everything I know to find even a picture (image) of this painting, but cannot.
(Lucas Leyden does have an etching called “Christ crowned with thorns.” But the work we observed was not an etching or engraving)
We wrote down the Title and Artist, but we are wondering if the name plate was correct.

The painting we seek is of the Crucifixion of Christ, but has a lot of symbolism of Christ's Life including dice (or lots), a rooster, and we believe even some handcuffs (or shackles) seeming to be in an adjacent house or room on a table. Also, the painting is very dark overall.
Another possibility could be that it is called "The Moking of Christ," by Leyden, but the Uffizi'z site won't give image.
I am beginning to wonder if it is Leyden's at all. (His are mostly engravings)

Is there anyway you could identify the name of this painting or send me a thumbnail image of it so we can verify?
No one I can contact at the Uffizi speaks English.

It would really mean a lot!


Mark Carter

Dear Mark, I cannot identify a specific painting from your description. Paintings of the Passion were a recurrent subject with Dutch and especially Flemish artists of the 16th century. Your particular subject would be classified under "Ecce Homo." That would be the best term to search for your painting.

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