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Dear Mr. Hynes:

I asked you a question, 03/08/04, about a painting my brother had in his home that had the name Ashbrook on it. I described it the best way I could.

You replied that you had already answered my question. You did not answer MY question. I never received anything from you other than the reply below. Please provide proof of your answer to me or at least forward me the answer you gave to 'somebody.'

I'd appreciate the same respect you give to other posters that ask questions.

Ronnie Roberts 3/15/04

Your previous reply to me -- the only one:
I have already answered this question for you once before. If you'd like
to ask another question in the category of Fine Art, please come to
If you'd like to ask another question, please come to

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Dear Ronnie, I had previously received three questions regarding the same Paul Ashbrook painting. The first I answered (which was quite some time ago). I cannot quite recall the description of that painting, as I have answered hundreds of questions.
The second two inquiries were regarding the same painting, which I did not reply to.
Please send me a description of your painting, including media, size, where and how signed, and any other information you may have. If you want to send a jpg image, please keep it under 80k and make the subject line allexperts, so I do not bounce it as spam. My email

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