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Peter Max pic
Peter Max pic  
A friend of mine have this picture that he found in the garbage about 15 years ago in California.He didn't realized it was signed "Max" until I saw it the other day. I've been checking online and came of with somebody name Peter Max. It is signed "Max" on the right side. I'm not sure how old this picture is, it is not dated. It is approx. 4-5" long and about 3-4 " wide. I have some pics of the back and the signature if you'll like. I know it is on canvas but not sure what on canvas. If you have any info can you please let me know? Thanks for any info.

ANSWER: Hi Dorean

It first sight it doesn't look like a work by the hand of Peter Max. The colours are a bit to light and it doesn't bear any of Peter Max trademarks. However I would be delightet to take an extra look so if you send me pictures of the back and the signature I will take another look.

You can send them to

Best Regards, Soren

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QUESTION: Thank you very much I will send you some more pics.

Hi Dorean

I am still not convinced about that this should be a Peter Max original. I think you should ask at Christie's or Sotheby's - They will be able to tell you for sure. I just dont think it looks like the style of Peter Max.

Best Regards, Soren

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