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I bought a Picasso titled Dove (small) from Patrician Galleries in the 80's.  It is numbered 66/150 but I have never seen another one like it.  It is facing left.  Is hand signed.  Have you ever seen one?  Thanks!

Dear Lebbie,

Happy Holidays. Do you remember how much you paid for this piece when you purchased it in the 80's?  Do you have the original receipt?  I have seen many "dove" works by Picasso and I would need to know exactly the year that it was produced according to the certificate.  Patrician Galleries was one of the first retail galleries in the 80's..they also sold some Dali works that later turned out to be fakes...Not to discourage you, but your original documents are crucial here in order to identify what you have..what size is it? what state did you buy it in?  Is this the only piece that you purchased from PG?  I'll do my best to help you.  Please send me additional information.


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