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I am considering buying a Picasso etching.
Bloch 1139
Le peintre et Son Modeles
12/4/63 in plate.
States Size 30 x 20.
Image 24 x 11
I can´t find it in Artprice.
Can an etching be forged ?
What would be a fair price ?
They are asking 4500$

Dear David,

I hope you are doing well and thank you for your question. I have a few comments concerning your interest in the Picasso etching.

First of all please keep in mind that Picasso is the number one forged artist in the world and anything can be counterfeited. It is therefore imperative that you purchase your original and valuable art from reputable dealers. Also important is that the COA information is exact and contains the authenticator’s credentials and full contact information.

Picasso did several versions in various mediums of the artist with one or more of his models. According to your information, it is supposed to be an engraving assigned the number 1139 by Bloch. I do not have Picasso’s Catalogue Raisonne by Bloch so I am not able to verify the information for you. I can tell you that my research from Picasso experts ( state that Bloch 1139 was unsigned by Picasso. If there is one with a signature, I would ask to see the scanned image of the Bloch write up on the print to see if this information is accurate. I also agree with you that it is not to be found in Artprice. The fact that this has not appeared at auction is very unusual. It could be that since it is an unsigned edition, it is not of as great collectibility as signed editions.

I noticed that you do not mention a limited edition or signature by the artist in the margins. There is one currently at auction on eBay and I am wondering if this is the one you are interested in acquiring. The price on it is $4100 so it may be a different from yours. You can see this one at:

I do not know if this one is original, but they allow inquiries prior to bidding and if this is the one you are watching, I would ask to see a scanned copy of the COA, the credentials of the authenticator, and the scanned page from Bloch that describes the print before bidding. As I mentioned, my research says this print should not be signed. You will need to verify this with the actual Bloch description. Value for an unsigned print is generally half as a hand signed edition. Since I cannot find any comparable sales of this print, I cannot give you a value, but personnally I think $4500 seems a bit high for an unsigned print.

Best regards,

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