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Fine Art/Picasso lithograph - originally signed?


i recently found a Picasso lithograph which my parents bought some decades ago in a German museum/exposition when i was a little child.

My big brother says that Picasso originally signed it. I cant really believe that, but in fact there are 2 signatures of Picasso at the graph. One is on top, black like the rest of the picture. the other one is bigger, dull pink and thick.

On the other side of the lithograph is printed "Corrida - Avant la pique 1960." and "Copyright. Le Vent d'Arles SPADEM 1975. Printed in France"
Theres also a Sticker on the back side saying:
Pochoir - Lithographie
stempelsigniert und nummeriert
in der Platte signiert
Auflage: 1376/2000
realisiert 1967 durch Daniel Jacomet, Paris
fuer Euro-Art 1975

which means translated "stamp-signed and numbered/ signed in the board/realized by Daniel Jacomet for Euro-Arts 1975..."
I don't exactly know what those 2 signed phrases mean, which could be answer to my question.

Is it normal that lithographs have 2 signatures, or could it be a real autograph?
Thanks a lot

Dear Christoph,

Your Picasso print, originally released by Picasso in 1960, was released again with Picasso’s approval in 1967 as a lithograph/pochoir by the French atelier Daniel Jacomet. It was then released as a limited edition for EuroArt in 1975. The black signature is in the plate as part of the lithograph. The second signature in “dull pink and thick” is an estate stamped signature as Picasso died in 1973 and could not have signed a print released in 1975.

Daniel Jacomet produced beautiful pochoir process prints in collaboration with Modern Masters such as Picasso, Braque, Foujita, Klee, Matisse, Renoir, Gris, and numerous others.  Atelier Jacomet was founded in 1910 by Daniel Jacomet, and today is in the hands of his grandsons. It specializes in stencil (pochoir), the oldest technique of multicolor reproduction. The pochoir is a technique making use of cut outs or templates. It was popular at the beginning of the twentieth century; especially with Art Deco. To arrive at subtle shades of color, an ingenious but time-consuming and very complicated method was later invented by Jacomet, which produced stunning results.

Best regards,

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