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    I have what appears to be an original watercolor on paper by
Ali Sami Boyar, a well-known Turkish artist who may have
painted this before 1940 as he was designing stamps for the
Turkish Republic in 1925.  This particular painting could have
been done later than 1940 as he died in 1967.  I found a similar
painting of a man online that leads me to believe that this may
be his work.  It is signed Ali Sami, with a notation above it in
what appears to be Arabic (Turkish?).  It measures 8 1/2" x 11
3/4"and is painted in watercolors on a thick paper, which I
understand Ali Sami often did.  A close examination leads me to
believe it is an original watercolor.  I came by it in the late
1960's from my mother, who has passed away - she got it from
a friend (?)   There is nothing written on the back.
    I unpacked two old pictures that I have always been fond of
and decided just for fun to look them up on the internet.  As
luck would have it, I found the other one right away as it was
posted by a Boston Gallery for sale.  It is an etching by James
David Smillie called "Up the Hill".  What may possibly be an Ali
Sami Boyar was ferreted out by my daughter, who has taken up
the search for information.  I don't know where to go to see a
catalog of his works, if one exists, in order to identify my
picture.  Can you help in any way? I took pictures that I can
email, though I noticed your size restriction,  and I don't know
how to adjust my picture size if it is larger.  

Dear Jane, This is obviously an original watercolor and I see no reason to question its authorship to Ali Sami Boyar. You have a good biography on the artist. I searched through numerous dictionaries of artists and find no listing for this artist, which is not a surprise as all of my reference material is for Western artists not Middle Eastern or Asian. The watercolor shows good quality and interestingly painted in a Western tradition not Islamic. I guess as Mustafa Ataturk vigorously pushed his country into the 20th century and Western fashion, the artists also adopted these changes. Sorry, I have no idea where to find a catalogue on works by Ali Sami other than Turkey.

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