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Fine Art/Query... Very early Impressionist, Nicholas Merritt (1774- 1848)


Higham Park, Essex 1839
Higham Park, Essex 183  
I have this simply gorgeous watercolor by the early British Impressionist, Nicholas Merritt.  It is in absolutely marvelous condition for its date of creation (1839).  I've had it in several different types of sales, yet it has always failed to sell.  Everyone who sees it, though, makes some comment about how beautiful it is.  The problem with selling is not due to over-pricing, but I have yet to discover just exactly what the actual problem is.  My guess is venue.  Might you recommend an appropriate place in which to offer a watercolor like this?  Is is in almost perfect condition. Any and all recommendations will be seriously considered.  It is in a very nice, solid museum frame.  Any comments on value would be welcome, too.  The visible area of watercolor measures 7" x 10".

Dear Linda, I would be curious where you found information on this artist. I searched numerous dictionaries of artist, including two British, one on British watercolour painters, and annual auction price indicies. No listing anywhere for a "Nicholas Merritt." Also the artist would not be considered an Impressionist, which style was initiated in 1874.
The painting is actually not very good, it is colorless or has been damaged by light (light struck), and the boat exhibits poor perspective.
People seldom bid on a painting when they cannot find a solid biography.

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