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Hello, I had a question regarding "Christie's Auction
Room" (plate 6). I recently purchased this piece at a garage sale
and I was wondering if you could tell me anything about it...I
know it was bought in London around 1968 but I'm not sure
from where or from who...Was the orignal to this piece made in
1808? Does it hold any value? Thank you for your time.   -Tyler

P.S. I have two pieces "done" buy Vincent Van Gogh. They appear
to be etchings and I know that they were purchased in the Van
Gogh Museum in Amsterdam in the 70's. They look very real but
I'm assuming they're reproductions. Is there any possibility that
they could be originals? I would be more than happy to send
pictures of any piece. Thanks again.

Hello Tyler,

Thank you for the additional information and photographs. The print you have is "Christie's Auction Room”; a colored etching and aquatint by Thomas Rowlandson, (1756-1827), and Augustus Charles Pugin, (1769-1832). It was hand colored by John Bluck, (XVIII-XIX). The print is plate #6 from “The Microcosm of London, Volume 1.  

You can get more information on your print at the following website links, (you will need to cut and paste):

There are not many auction records for prints from this collection as most remain intact within the book. I can find no auction records of your particular print. Other plate’s prices at auction in 1999 averaged $350. Remember, this is wholesale and does not reflect the price paid at retail and may not reflect the true value of your print.

There have been copies of your print so you will need to check for plate marks and if possible; use a loupe to confirm originality. However, it looks original to me.

Overall, I would say you made a very fine purchase.

Best regards,

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