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Fine Art/Question regarding Picasso drawings


My mother has the 4 Picasso Ink on Paper (print/etching?)s. We are not clear on just what they are (authentic or reproductions). They are professionally matted and framed, so I am afraid to open them for fear of reducing their value.
Could you give me some guidance as to how we would determine value?
I have searched the internet for duplicates of these pics, and although we have found some that look similar, none are the exact same.
That has led us to believe that maybe these could be originals.

The way she obtained these: Her former husband was a VP at a large company whose President had just had his office decorated in a new very expensive building by an interior decorator in the 60's. Within weeks of completion of the office, the President had a heart attack, and her husband was promoted and moved into the President's office.

These Picasso pictures were in the office, and when he left the company years later, he kept them. She has had them for the last 40 years and they have always been in the same gold frames with the colorful mattings.
I took photos of the four of them and close-ups of the signature, so let me know if there's somewhere I can send them for an opinion.
I'm in North Idaho, by the way, if you happen to know of a collector or expert in that area where I could take them.
Thanks in advance!
Kirk Fisher

Dear Kirk,

We need to determine exactly what you have and the best way to do this is via images of the front and back of each work out of their frames.  If you do not want to do this yourself your local picture framer will be able to assist.  Please email the images and sizes (paper) of each to .  Are you near Coeur d'Alene? There are a number of wonderful galleries in and around your area but they mainly deal in western/traditional artwork.

Cheers, Brent  

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