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Where can i sell a painting by Casnedi, painted in 1860 called "Colosseum ruins." In Luino, Italy in 1850 Rafaelle painted four frescos at the St. Peter St. Paul church still standing today. The internet shows great pictures of these frescos and the church. You can see this painting on my web site at art gallery. Thank you. My number is 702-499-8551.

Dear Walter

I would advice you to pay a visit to Christie's or Sotheby's. They would be able to help you. Of course there are also a lot of other auctionhouses but a piece like this require the right buyer and I think it is more likely that this person is looking in the catalogues from the major auctionhouses.

Best Regards, Soren

PS. If you are willing to get a worse price but quick money ebay is also an option. But due to all the fraud there prices are substantial lower

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