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I found a watercolor in a secondhand shop by Raoul Dufy.  It is called Bird Cage. I have not been able to find out anything about it, I haven't seen it in lists of his other works.Have you heard of it?

Dear Alice, There are more fake Dufy watercolors than authentic ones. I do not know the particular work you mention. In order to identify your painting you need to find an institution that has "Raoul Dufy, Catalogue Raisonne of Watercolors, Gouaches, and Pastels" by Fanny Guillon-Lafaille, Paris, 1981-82. This contains images and complete information on every known work by Dufy. I do not have this in my library, as its cost is about $2,000. If you have a major art museum or university in your area they may have a copy in their library. Otherwise you will need to call or contact an art museum library on the internet. The large city museums will have this book. Even if you find your painting in the catalogue, someone may have copied it. The catalogue will give the exact size and signature. If yours is identical in all aspects, then you should make an appointment with a museum curator of 20th century art. Chances your painting is authentic is slim, but if authentic it would have considerable value.
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