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My husband and I recently went on a cruise and purchased 2 Rembrandt etchings, "The Card Player and "The Golf Player" They are out of the 20th century impression printed by Marjorie van Dyke. We have never purchased any art before and thought that they could possibly be worth something one day to give to our children. We paid $2645 for each one, we don't have a lot of money and once we got home I started to look for them on the Internet. I became concerned when I found one of them for sale on ebay for $900, did we make a mistake? We did not purchase these as a bid but actually as a gallery item. I called Park West gallery (I have yet to receive them, but have paid for them) And casually asked them about their refund policy on purchased items that have not been received. I was told I get store credit (lol). My question to you is, are these worth anything at all? What is your expert opinion on owning these 2 works. Thanks in advance for your time I look forward to your opinion on this.


P.S Are cruise ship auctions a scam?

Hello Nicole,

I advise all to not purchase art when they are on a holiday...  If you really like the work you see while on holiday any reputable art gallery will gladly arrange payment and ship the work to you once you are back at home and have had a chance to consider the purchase without any 'holiday' influence.  

I cannot comment further about the other questions you have asked.  Please feel free to call me toll free at 1 877 990 1161 .

Cheers, Brent

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