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photo of Rembrandt ? print
photo of Rembrandt ? p  
Hello - I found a print in a market in Belize signed Rembrandt ft 1643.  I have been trying to find the same online and have had no luck. On the back of the frame an article from the Illustrated London Times June 14, 1913 was attached detailing the sale of a painting, "The Toilet of Bathsheba After the Bath." The print is similar but not exactly the same.   It is about 33cm high x 43 cm long roughly.  I can add the full text of the article if interested.  Much thanks in advance - I definitely need some guidance on this one. I have close ups of the signature and the rest of the painting if you need them.

Hi Bevin

Sorry for the late answer. I have done some research but I could not find this print in the complete works of Rembrandt. I would appreciate if you could send me more pictures. Front and back. To
I would also like to read the full text of the article.

Best Regards, Soren

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