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We have the painting (or reproduction) entitled "Morning" by Robert Gallon.  The tag on the back of the frame states No. 218.  We acquired it from my mother-in-law's estate and do not know anything about it except that we love it. The color is on canvas visible from the back.  The frame is wide wood and is stamped "Hecho en Mexico" on the lower side with the numbers 12 X 18  794 by the words.

The painting is of a wagon by a fence with an open gate where a man and woman are standing.  There is a house in the background behind the trees. The main color in the painting is green with a lovely colored sky. It looks to be in perfect condition.

Is Robert Gallon in demand?  Is there a place where I could go to get an estimate of its value?  Or can you tell me what it is worth?

Thanks,  Joye Dobos

Hello Joye,

Robert Gallon, 1845-1925, was a landscape and coastal painter.  He exhibited from 1868 to 1903 in London, at the Royal Academy from 1873 to 1903 and at the British Institution.  It sounds like your work is some type of reproduction for the numbers on the back and the 'Made in Mexico' stamp would not appear on an original 19th Century British painting.  Your reproduction has no value as a work of art.

Cheers, Brent

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