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QUESTION:  have a chance to buy a signed painting from Merrill Chase,Rob William Addison,at an auction on this Sunday,for 200.00. Is this a good buy.It is signed and has all the papers on the back.It pretty large painting 4 x3.The painting it self is a 2 story what looks like to be a farm house with trees around it.I wanted to buy this,for resale.I have tried looking for the painting online,but I cant find it.I do have a photo of it,if you would like to see it.Please let me know.Thank you Kevin

ANSWER: Dear Kevin,

I do not know the work but it sounds like some type of reproduction and not an original.  Similar works have sold at auction in the Midwest for around US$200.00.  It is up to you decide if it is a good deal.  The Chicago Apprasisers Association will provide you with a list of the works Merrill Chase Galleries sold for a fee.

Good luck, Brent

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: How do you tell if its not an original or not.They said it was an original,I called Chicago appraisiers,their website says you can send a photo in and they will tell you if its value is more then they charge,but I talked to a guy there and he wouldnt even talk too me without the 195.00 fee,This website is wrong.Also,do you know where I can find more info at,I tried Google,didnt give to much help.Thanks again,Kevin

Hello Kevin,

An original print or an original painting?  Most of Addison's works are prints. Your statement "it is signed and has all the papers on the back" tells me it is a print and not an original painting.  A print is worth far less than an original.  Check out this link for it lists a print that sold at auction in 2005.
A great place to conduct research is called a Library... The Internet is not the same as a library.  I learned what I know by reading and researching books. If you want to be a 'dealer' then I suggest you conduct your own research or pay the fees that other people ask for to conduct it on your behalf.  My usual fee is $120.00 per hour....

Good collecting,  Brent

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