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December 19, 2007
Aventura Magazine
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I would like to enlist the perspective of an expert for an article I am currently writing on neo-pop art and the artist Romero Britto. Any insights you can offer would be extremely valuable.

Britto has made millions by designing products for corporate entities like Evian, Disney, and Swatch. He has also applied his imagery to the various accessories and articles of clothing sold by The Romero Britto Corporation in retail outlets throughout the nation. All in all, his annual income exceeds the unprecedented figure of $12 million. What is your point of view on this kind of commercial success? Is an artist like Britto demeaning artistic expression or merely expanding it to other areas?

Britto’s admirers claim him to be an optimistic voice in the otherwise cynical world of contemporary art. Critics, on the other hand, claim Britto’s mass appeal to be an indication of the artist’s commercialization and greed. What is your opinion?

Many point to Britto as a continuation of the pop art movement. Would you agree? How does neo-pop art differ from the pop art produced during the 1950s and 1960s?

The corporate patronage associated with artists like Romero Britto retains certain similarities to the Renaissance, when artists like Michelangelo received huge commissions from Vatican patrons like Pope Julius II. However, as opposed to constructing and designing art for the Church, Britto is creating art for major corporations. Would you agree?

If you are unfamiliar with the work of Romero Britto, please feel free to elaborate on any of the topics, such as corporate patronage and neo-pop art. The questions I have asked merely implicate some of the themes and ideas I had in mind for the article.

Thank you very much for your assistance. I look forward to hearing from you.

David De Russo

Yes I know the work. It is interesting that artists like Van Gogh and others were starving artists that slept in a farmers barn or a room that a family allowed them to sleep in for a short time, and they ate scraps of food and had little or no monies for art material, and after their death, many who had nothing to do with the artists, become very wealthy by marketing products and selling their works. Salvador Dali was also frowned upon for making money? Who are these uneducated critics that feel they are entitled to a living while artists should starve?
An architect is also an artist, a commercial designer is also an artist, those who design automobiles are also artists, there are many examples of individuals that make a very good living by using their art. Pop Art, Neo Pop art? The Pop art movement? You have to look at those that create these terms and find out what their background is in the art world. As Dali said to his instructors, "how can I explain something to you that you cannot understand". Artists know something the critics do not know, and there is no way to explain it. If a critic or writer of an article has an opinion, but that person has never created an oil painting or drawing, the artist might feel that the writer is not qualified to make any comments at all. Art lovers who collect over long periods of time, are in a better position to judge art and artists. The average person does not know that Warhol was a concept artist. Warhol made a good living and enjoyed fame, should we shy away from his work and criticize him? No. It appears that Britto has a foundation that donates to children in need. In my opinion, that makes it all worth while.


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