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Hey Dolly, I have a Samuel Halpert Painting, I believe it is the real thing. Unfortunately I don't think the painting is one of his best, but of course that is why I could afford it! Can you look at it to give me your thoughts, it is a watercolor, quite large over 16" x 20". It has nice colors anyway. One more thing I have a Picasso Print where the Peace Dove is being encircled. Ok it is on the type of paper used for a watercolor and I know it is a print but for the life of me I can't see any dots in it anywhere. Do you know why, and is it completely worthless like I have thought all along. Thanks so much Dolly!!!  

Dear Jim,

I hope all is well with you and you had a pleasant weekend. The Halpert is a nice painting, but I am not entirely convinced it is by Samuel Halpert. Of course, we both know the limitations of photographs.

I’ll give you my thoughts; (for what they are worth!). I looked up over 15 Halpert paintings and also reviewed his signature in Artprice. There are some noticeable differences in the signatures that makes me question it’s authenticity as a Samuel Halpert. In all paintings that I reviewed, Halpert signed his paintings with block print rather than cursive as in your painting. I also could not find another instance where he closed the S initial. His letters in his signatures on the paintings I inspected are almost haphazard, but tend to lean more towards the left. Your signature is very uniform and leaning to the right with all letters attached. The painting does resemble a still life watercolor he did called “Still Life with Flowers, Apple and Vase”, but your painting seems almost unfinished compared to the Halpert who painted his watercolors with full coverage as his oils. Overall; I think you are going to have questions on the signature.

The Picasso print you have is Danse de la paix; Cannes, 25-July/1961. It was released as a lithograph printed in colours on Arches paper. From the photos you sent; it looks like your print is an original on Arches. The lack of dots would indicate it is a plate lithograph; or possibly a pochoir, but I rather think the former. The colors are fabulous. You did not give me the dimensions, but it should be something close to 21 1/4x19 1/4 in or 25 5/8x19 5/8 in.; as they were done in two sizes. Let me know if your print meets either size criteria. I do not know how many were released, but I can only find unnumbered editions. Current wholesale on the original lithograph (smaller) is about $500-700 and $700-900 for the larger plate.

I hope this information has been of help. Let me know if you have additional questions!

Take care,

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