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QUESTION: I recently bought c.1905 Elehants en Liberetad (it is a performing elephant and trainer).   I bought it at a trustee/divorce settlement auction. It is an offset litho with TL in a circle on the bottom corner.  The authentication from Nathan Isen says that TL is "in the stone".  Is this valuable?  Thank you.

ANSWER: Hello Sharon,

Who is the artist?  Where was the auction?

Cheers  Brent

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: The artist was Toulouse Lautrec and the Auction was in a room at a community house in the Northern Suburb of Winnetka.  The ad for the auction said "pursuant to a divorce settlement..." etc. The auctionnair said he was taking the unsold items to manhattan the following week to be auctioned there.

Sharon,  Winnetka, IL or CA?  It does not matter either way - I was asking about your location to determine provenance.  Given the provenance you have provided, including the source of the authentication I suggest the print you have is simply some type of reproduction and not a work by, or even remotely related to, the artist.  Signed in the stone means the original work was signed by the artist in the stone, lithography stone, not the work you have. Check out this site

Tip - Do not buy from auctions that claim to be 'divorce' etc' sales.  Do not buy from auctions that come into town one day and leave the next.  NEVER buy from an auction where the line - "we will be taking this to New York (wherever) to sell next week."  Stand up and walk out for why are they trying to sell to you when they could be in New York selling to them?  Think about it...

I could tell you many stories about similar 'auctions' here in my community, but I cannot for this is a public forum and I do not want to called on the carpet for being honest.

Remember - If it sounds to good to be probably isn't.

Cheers, Brent

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