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I have a a very beutifull oil painting on canvas of a very lush forest scene with a pond on the right side. It is signed "Allom" on the left corner. The signature is not painted on, but rather like it was scratched on when the paint was semi-dry. Also, the "M" (last letter of the signature) is very distinctive, having three "humps" if you will, rather than 2.

I have done some internet searching and the only Allom I can find refrence to is Thomas Allom, and he died in the late 1800"s, can it be that my painting is really that old? Or is there some other Allom artist as well? Any help you can give will, be appreciated.

Sincerely  Dana Greer

Dear Dana, I have found four artists with this name. Arthur J. Allom (Br. 19th century)painted landscapes, rivers, and bridges. J. Allom (Br. 19th century)painted cities and rivers. W.J. Allom (Australian 20th century)painted harbors and ships. The artist you mentioned Thomas Allom (Br.1804-1872)painted exotic scenes.
Any indication of a first name or initial ? I am not sure I would be able to distinguish which artist you have, but you could send jpg images to my email at
Best would be an image of the front, the back, and a close-up of the signature. Make the subject line "allexperts" so I do not bounce you as spam.
Less than 5% of the signatures I see were etched in the wet paint. However, this is a good proof of authenticity, as unlike a painted signature we know this was signed at the time the painting was executed.

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