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Fine Art/Trying to determine value of two framed family Paintings / Lithos


QUESTION: Hi Brent, I have a pair of paintings/copies/lithographs that I inherited.  I know nothing about the history of either one.

The First is a more or less sepia toned water-color or print of a water color (my guess) of  what appears to be a young man wearing a hat sitting under a large tree on a hillside overlooking an ancient city. He might be a sheep herder,....there are what appear to be a few sheep standing 20 or so feet away and he might be either playing a flute or chewing on a couple of pieces of straw.  

The Frame is a very thick and very simple dark wood that forms a nearly flat 4" border around the print and the glass looks quite old a number of waves and imperfections evident.   Looks like whatever was in this frame (maybe a mirror?) was removed as the paper backing is missing and it it evident that this has been worked on a time or two from the back.

The artist's name looks like C DROT or perhaps it is COROT.

Its about 20x25" and the frame adds another 4" to each side.

The other Painting (or copy of) is a very colorful oil painting of 6 old sailboats on the water.....Looks like maybe the ocean as there is no coastline of any sort in the piece.   The mottled and colorful cloudy sky comes right down to the water line.  Framed in a Gold frame.  Artist's first name looks like maybe "Roy" or "Kim" and the last name looks Like "Sula" or maybe "Sila" or even "Suba". Its about 22x30".

Both pieces are

ANSWER: Hello Brian,  Your question was cut off...  The first is some kind of work by Camille Corot .  I would need to see very good images of the work in order to determine if it is an original or some type of reproduction.  The second work - no idea.  I suggest you show both of these works to a local art dealer familiar with 19th Century art.
Cheers, Brent

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QUESTION: Could I email you pictures?


Brian,  I have had people email me in the past and then other people use that email address to email me directly when they should be going through AllExperts. I suggest you show both of these works to a local art dealer familiar with 19th Century art or use AllExperts to attach images. Brent

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