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Hello sir,
I am asking your help for a Humanities assignment. I am going into a little more depth than my teacher assigned but am quite new to the art world and would like a little help, if you wouldn't mind. I need to write a paper linking a piece of art to a poem, both produced about the same time. The teacher is concentrating more on the paper and how it is worded. I am trying to find the right piece of art to go with it. I have searched for days in vain on the Internet-I have no direction and no real idea of words to use to better refine my search. My poem is ca. 1800 and is Russian. I am looking for a scene in which a woman's eyes are visible, and she is preferably in a group setting. If she is not looking at a visible man, she is looking off where there might be one. That would be the *ultimate* match. The poem is Alexander Pushkin's "She's Gazing at you so Tenderly"

She's gazing at you so tenderly,
Drowning you in sparkling conversation,
Gay and witty, and her eyes
Absorbing you with their yearning.
But last night she was using all her skill
To give me secretly her little foot
Under the tablecloth for me to caress.

I have seen the picture at the top of this page ( often linked with the poem. Despite the time frame difference, I believe it places too much emphasis on the latter part of the poem (the table reference) when I see him writing it today about a secret love affair and recalling the table from the day before. I can just see a picture in my head of a woman and man in a secret affair pretending to be nothing more than friends in a social setting. I'm having trouble finding that in the romantic era, however. Dates from 1790-1845 would be about as far out as I could go, and the time frame is the only criteria to link the work back to the poem. Any direction you could give me would be greatly appreciated!

Been doing some thinking.
This may be just be what you are looking for, its lovely………:

'Paolo and Franchesca' by Edward Charles Hallé (British, 1846-1914)

Painter of portraits and decorative figure compositions. Son of Charles Hallé, the famous musician.
Pupil of Baron Marochetti and L. von Mottez.
Exhibited at the Royal Academy from 1866-82, mostly portraits; in 1877 he joined the group of artists of the 'Secession' at the newly-founded Grosvenor Gallery.
After 1887 he was also involved with the New Gallery.
A close friend of Sir Edward Burne-Jones, George Frederick Watts, Herkomer and Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema, Hallé was more important as an organiser; his own paintings are inspired the aesthetic style of Burne-Jones.
After the 1880s he exhibited entirely at the Grosvenor Gallery and the New Gallery.

You can see the painting at:

Having said that,  I have a very good image here in the office that I could scan for you and send on.

Get in touch with me through my web site
You can send your e mail address confidently and confidentially that way.

Any of these romanticised images you know would be great for what you are doing.
Others by Hallé are at :

Another is;
Edward Burne-Jones, he was in the same bag,
' Love in a tangle' , a watercolour but there's lots by him too if you look for it.

Hope this helps you.
I would be very interested in seeing your term piece when its done.

Keep in touch.


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