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Dear Mr. Hynes,
I have a small (10 cm by 16 cm) oil painting on board (it appears to be a handcut panel of european walnut) with no signature (at least none I can find),  I bought it at an estate sale.  It belonged to an 85 year old lady who brought it with her from Holland to Canada. I don't think that the painting is necessarily Dutch though.  (I don't know when she came to Canada) The subject matter is quite amusing and I rather like it.
I would like you to see it - but the jpg is rather large.  I put it on a website for you to look at
Thanks for your time,

Dear Evelyn, The subject is superb. The woman's attire is very obviously Spanish, so I would assume that is the origin of the painting. When a genre painting is small I am always suspicious. Frequently a small print or postcard of a painting would be pasted to a panel and then overpainted to appear to be an original painting. Last year I purchased a small painting in Argentina, it depicted Spanish cavalry in the North African desert in 1909. I even had the painting cleaned by a conservator, he thought it was fine. Later an associate and I discovered it was a painted over postcard. I should have known better from the begining. It is very possible this is what you have.

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