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I have a W. H. Trood that is signed in the left hand corner with the date 1893.  It is of 2 dogs under an umbrella.  Is it worth insuring.  The dimensions are approximately 13 x 17.
Thank you in advance for your response.

Dear Margaret, I will assume we are discussing an oil painting, by William Henry Hamilton Trood (Br.1848-1899). He was not a long-lived artist, but his works are quite desireable. Trood specialized in painting genre, farm scenes, and animals. I have three dogs, and several paintings of dogs, and I can tell you that Trood really understood dogs and knew how to capture their individual characters. You can find more information and see images of his paintings in two books by William Secord, "Dog Painting, 1840-1940", and "A Breed Apart". I cannot tell you the value of your painting, as their are many factors to be considered:of course how attractive the painting is, its condition, provenance, authenticity, exhibition records, etc. In any case you should have the painting insured. I can only give you a broad price category of $5,000 to $20,000, without knowing the specifics of the painting. I hope you enjoy the painting.
Cordially, Dan

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