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Hello, I own an original undated landscape watercolor on paper, 15x22, signed by Robert Atwood.  Is there any way to find a date or name of this painting? It is of a Victorian home fallen to disrepair, a broken down fence in front, but with a puff of smoke emitting from the chimney, in Vermont I believe, probably in the fall, with vibrant blues and oranges and yellows.

Dear Kelli, Robert Atwood (b.1892 Orange, NJ d.1970 Kingsport, TN), best known for his watercolor landscapes. He traveled and lived in many places in his lifetime: NJ, VT, TN, MA, CA, AZ, MT, etc. He was a member of the Penn. Academy of Fine Art; Laguna Beach Art Assn.; Gloucester Art Assn.; Amer. Artists Professional League; Vermont Art Assn.; Washington,D.C. Landscape Club; and Watercolor Assn. of Phoenix. From what I can tell from his travels if your watercolor is Vermont it was likely executed in the 1930s or early 1940s. It would be very difficult to assign a title. If you can, find an art museum or university library that would have the "Annual Exhibitions of the National Academy, 1901-1950", and "Annual Exhibitions of the Penn. Academy of Fine Art, 1914-1968". I do not have these volumes in my library as they are later than my normal area of research. If you look through the list of paintings Atwood exhibited at these institutions you may find a title that would apply to your painting.

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