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While Vincent van Gogh is considered to be one of the greatest artist of the 19th century and has the highest dollar amounts ever paid for his works of art in art history, can you tell me why it is that Vincent is considered to be the easiest artist to copy and why most cannot tell the difference from the copies and his originals including most art experts?

Kind regards
Bob Miller---vanrijngo  
Answer -
Dear Bob, This assumption is not correct. There is a very accurate catalogue raisonne on all of the known works by Vincent van Gogh, and there are seldom changes in attribution. Recall that his brother, Theo, was an art dealer, and devoted to Vincent. He kept very good records of the paintings. Also the major contemporary collector of Van Gogh, Dr. Gachet also kept good records.
If you check the biographies of the famous forgers, they found it easier to produce works by many other artists, seldom if ever van Gogh.
Rembrandt is a much greater problem, Numerous art experts have examined his paintings, some have authenticated 2,000, and some say 350.

Dear Dan,

 My assumption is not that far off when you read this Article "The So-Called Van Goghs" published in ARTnews (2000) at .  There seem to be a lot of confusion amongst the experts and some museum experts as I read it and needless to say along with the Vincent van Gogh Foundation & Museum and there own experts.  As far as Theo keeping records of his brother's works and his being devoted could open one hell of a debate along with anything that was kept by the Gechet's.

Bringing up Rembrandt was good, because the same thing applies to Vincent van Gogh, only as a much greater problem with his numerous works that have been attributed in the past in regards to the ones that have been authenicated, which incidentally the experts are already thinking are way to many for the amount of his earlier works of art that is in captivity at this time.

I do know myself that Vincent is not easily copied, for this statement has been stated by the Vincent van Gogh experts and one of their own reasons for all of their own disorientation if you read the article in whole.

Kind regards
Bob Miller--vanrijngo

Dear Bob, There are thousands of publications debating art historical conundrums. I help hundreds of people with specific questions, "pro bono". I appreciate your views and opinions, however this is not a venue for philosophical discussions.

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