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I read a previous post about your expertise of this artist and wondered if you could advise me on whether I have an insurable item as well. We just received a pile of old prints and lithographs from all over the world and they all seem quite old.  Most are in ok condition, though none pristine.  The work in question is a print of W.H. Trood's called "5 O'clock Tea" and features a great detailed panorama of dogs, cats, ducks and chicks lapping out of a dish of milk.  On the top left border of the print there is a line that reads: "..the New York Recorder, Jan. 6th, 1893."  On the bottom left border is a line that reads "The Knapp Co. Lith. N.Y."  Above that, in the lithograph, is the artist's signature (not in ink)with the number (I think) of 1891.  It is a very detailed and wonderful lithograph and I was wondering it's value and how to keep it from deteriorating.  Thank you for any help you can give me! P.S. Edges are a bit frayed, but body of work is colorful and in very good condition. Size: Approx. 18 in. X 9 in., including full white border around it.

Dear W.H., I do not usually respond to inquiries regarding prints, as this is not my area of expertise. There are a gazillion, gazillion prints in the world and most have only decorative value. Prints by highly important artists (and actually executed by the artist)or some important historical prints do have value.
Condition does have a great effect on the value of a print, however a paper conservator can often reverse many problems. As you have a "pile' of prints you should draw-up an inventory identifying each one with as much information you can provide: sheet size, image size, signed (how and where), title, etc. You may have something important in your collection and should contact a dealer in antique or 19th century prints, such as The Old Print Shop. There is also a print dealer and expert in my area named William G. Hodges, Ridgefield, Inc (804)784-2760. You can mention my name if you contact him.

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