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I am asking you about an oil painting that has been in my family for many years.  This painting is an oil painting by W. O. Kurz.  The word munchen is written below the signature.  The subject in the picture is either a cavalier or a musketeer.  (I have heard it described by both titles.)  He is sitting at a table holding a wine goblet, as if he was toasting.  He is wearing a sword and he was wearing a musketeer hat.  A family member is suppose to bring me the painting.  I will email you a picture, as soon as it arrives.  This is a large painting (approx. three to four feet tall and two and one half to three feet wide).  Could you please tell me if you have ever heard of this artist, W. O. Kurz, or this  painting.  If so, could you please give me some information on him?  The painting is in a wooden gold leaf frame.  Thank You.  

Dear Raymond, I answered your question yesterday, but evidentally it did not go through. I find no listing for a "W.O. Kurz" in any of the dictionaries of artists. Munchen of course is Munich, Germany. In the late 19th century this city and Paris were the art centers of the world.

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