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I purchased a painting about 5 years ago in England. The painting is signed Jacques Wagerz. It was in poor shape, so I have recently had some conservation work done on it. My painting appears to me to be an oil sketch of the original painting "The Fountain of Love" by Wagrez. I have the original strecher bars (with some hard to make out French writing) and part of the original canvas. It seem that it was on some type of skin or odd paper laid on canvas had to be relined. How would I go about having this authenticated? Freeman's auction house looked at this and told me it defiantly has the age to be correct nothing illuminated under the black light. The size of the painting is approx. 10.75inches by 13.75inches

Dear Michele, If your painting has the proper age, subject, and is signed I don't see why you need authentication. Since Wagrez is not of the stature to have a specific "expert", you would need to engage an independent art researcher. You could send inquiries to museums in France, but it is doubtful you would get a response. If you were to offer the painting for sale at an auction house such as Sotheby's or Christie's they would do the authentication (if it would be rewarding for them to do so). Keep in mind that condition can have a significant bearing on the value.

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