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I have recently purchased a watercolor painting. It seems to have the signature of "J. Bramme (I am thinking the last letter might be "r" although it is covered by the edge of the matting). The signature is not in "script" writing but in individual letters. The painting measures 8"h x 13-1/2" w and is of a very tranquil scene of some cattle near a winding stream done in subdued colors, nothing bright. Have you ever heard of this artist? I have not taken the painting apart from the frame to see if there are markings on the back - any help would be wonderful! Thanks and have a lovely day!
* * * Thanks for the information - was wondering what the worth of one of his painting would be....I might possibly list it on Ebay but I have no clue as to what its worth would be......thanks again for your help!
Answer -
Dear Stephanie, For some reason I did not receive your inquiry until today.
Your artist is Joseph Brammer (Am.1833-1904)from Roxbury,MA, and a member of the Boston Art Club. He exhibited at the Boston Athenaeum,1859; and the Boston Art Club,1877,78, 1881, and 1896-98.

Dear Stephanie, The only auction records in the past ten years:
"Brook in Summer", watercolor, 14 x 21 inches. In 1995 was estimated at $300-500, did not sell.
The same work was at auction in 1997, estimated at $300-500, sold for $72.
You may get more at ebay. Be sure to include all information on the artist and painting (and perhaps add: Scarce painting from a listed artist of the Hudson River School). I've sold about a thousand items on ebay, I'm rockyvil.

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