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Can you please give a rough value on this old American oil.
As far as I can tell this 1891 painting I have is an original oil on wood or hardboard by William L.A. Neuser.  I have no idea how rare or valuable this artists work is. It is still some what sealed in its original frame and both the frame and image do have some damage. There is an old print merchant stamping upside down just above the ID tag on the back and it is hard to make out, I can see the word MED and only partial other words. The hand script ID tag is in poor english or part foreign language and I can't quit make out all the words on it. I beleive they may be both in part German. I think the ID tag refers to a ditch and bridge in California. Some photo links are below and I can provide more if you like. Also is there an easy way to distinguish a turn of the century true hand painted watercolor from the various types of image printing of that era.

Thank You
Jeff S
Arkdale WI   

Frame size 17 1/4" x 13"
Image size 13 x 8 1/2"  

Dear Jeff, L.A. William Neuser (1837-1902) a native of Germany, came to New Orleans in 1853 and established a medical practice and an art studio. He specialized in portraits, landscapes, and banner painting. I have found only two auction examples in the past 18 years, a landscape for $500, and a portrait that did not sell.
Your landscape is small and has considerable damage, very little value to it. Restoration would cost much more than the worth of the painting.
His work would only bring respectable money if it were a portrait of a prominent New Orleans person, or perhaps a bayou landscape with cypress trees or spanish moss.

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