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Hello i have an old painting.  oil on a black board.  it is signed by ben nicholson.  i was wondering if you could give me any opinions on it as i can't seem to find any information on the internet about ben nicholsons earlier landscapes.  if it could even be by the same ben nicholson? i also have a few other pictures i have collected if you would know anthing about whether they could be the real macoy or not?  one old fauvist watercolor signed raoul dufy. an ugly portrait signed k.hofer.  and a painting signed "R" which i think in my heart could be renoir, but it probably isnt.  Thankyou for any help or time you could give me. Kathleen  i have pictures of the others as well.  or if you might know someone who might be able to help my inquires.  I have pictures i could attach.  but i do not have an email address or i don't see how i could attach them to this?  

Dear Kathleen, Let's work on one at a time. You can send jpg images to my email at Try to keep them under 80k and make your subject line allexperts, so I do not bounce you as spam.
If possible I would like an image of the front and the back, plus exact size, information from any labels, inscriptions, stencils, etc.

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