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Hi Daniel,  I have a question for you about cleaning paintings.  I have done some acrylic paintings on my own and have collected quite a few acrylic, oil and wax paintings over the year.  Some of the older paintings need to be cleaned since the colors are not as bright anymore. I did not pay a whole lot for the paintings so they're not like museum quality or anything.  I just want to keep them clean.  Can you suggest a way to clean them without hurting the paint?  I don't think I'll be able to afford professional cleaning.  I heard you can wipeclean an acrylic painting with a damped cloth?  Is that true?  About oil or wax?  I just want your opinion before I go out and damage my art. :)  Thanks again.  Trinh

Dear Trinh, I have never owned or cleaned an acrylic painting. As it is basically a plastic or latex type media I would think you could use warm water with just a couple of drops of dish detergent or a slight amount of TSP(trisodiumphosphate)and wipe with a soft dampened cloth, and then finish wiping with a clear water dampened cloth. As far as oil paintings, it is more complex. Various solvents are used depending upon the surface condition, wether it is varnished or not, etc. I would not advise cleaning these without a conservator. Paintings with a wax medium are even more tricky.

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