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corsi watercolor
corsi watercolor  
I have a watercolor signed by what appears to be "A" or "H" Corsi (bottom left). It has the city Viterbo written on the bottom right. It has what appears to be an embossed (paper manufacturer) name on the back. I was hoping that you might be able to shed some light on this piece of artwork for me. Thank you in advance for anything you might be able to tell me about this piece.
Paul Mead

Dear Paul Mead

I know a little about an Italian artist called A. Corsi Lalli (1849-1937). However I am only familiar with his religious works and I have never seen a work by him with a secular theme. It looks like there have been another signature in the bottom right corner but it is difficult to see from the picture you send me. It is possible that the signature Corsi was later added and the other one removed.

If it turns out to be a genuine Corsi Lalli watercolor it will probably be worth around $2000-$3000

I cant tell you if it is genuine, but it is a rather fine work with nice colors and a good composition.

I suggest you to bring it to your local auctionhouse maybe they can tell you more.

Best Regards, Soren  

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