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QUESTION: I have an old print by e. oberhauser that also says tannhauser on the right
side and on the top it is copyright by louis wolff and co london.  It appears to
be hand colored and is signed in the lower left corner but it may be a part of
the print can you give me any info on this piece and what the value may be.  It
is approx.  20x30.


ANSWER: Hi Kelsey

I can only give on a rough estimate since I have not seen the print myself. However Oberhauser prints usually make between $100-$500. Your print will probably be in the high end of the estimate because it is hand-signed and colored.

Best Regards, Soren

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Thanks, I also picked up an old engraving (?) from my grandmothers attic in
Wash. D.C. it says it is of the Battle of Prestonpans and death of Col. Gardiner
18th Sept. 1745.  Published Aug. 26th 1878 Peter Cauison 39a Lothian st.
Edinburgh.  On the left it says painted by Sir Willm Allen PRSA & RA and on
the left it says engraved by Robert Charles Bell.  It is in black and white and
seems to be an engraving as it is rough to the touch.  I have tried to get some
info on this piece and got nowhere.  I even tried contacting someone in
London that I was referred to but got nowhere.  I would really appreciate any
info on this piece you can give me and if it is worth anything.  Thanks for your  
time and quick response to my last question.


Hi Kelsey

I can already say that I cant tell you anything about this specific engraving I am affraid. However I can tell you something about engravings in general.
The diffecult thing about engravings is that they are made from some sort of stell plates produced but the artist. The thing is that these plates often live longer than the artist who made them. This means that it is impossible to know if it is an engraving made by the artist or a later reproduction. When the engraving is not handsigned it can be diffecult to tell.
What I am saying is that you cant be sure that your engraving is as old as it says.

Hope you could use my answer eventhough it was not that specific.

Best Regards, Soren

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